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The first 14 Apple Watch apps you should check out! iOS 9, Apple, iPhone iPad Repair, Unlock, Dr Phone Repair, Queen Street

Without apps, the Apple Watch is nothing more than a glorified timepiece. Here are Apple's included apps, plus a selection of 14 third-party options we think are worth checking out now.
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Apple Watch is finally shipping and before the end of the day today, some users will have the wearable in their hands (or on their wrists). Once you have it up and running and paired with an iPhone, one of the first thoughts on your mind will likely be, bring on the the apps! According to CNET's Scott Stein, however, you may want to lower your expectations.
Due to the fact that third-party app makers do not yet have access to the Watch's Software Developers Kit (SDK), some third-party apps are lacking in features. Now, the rumor is that Apple will announce availability of the SDK in June at WWDC, but until then developers won't have access to the Watch's motion sensor, the camera or any of the tech that's actually inside it.
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Still, Scott says that out of about the nearly 100 third-party apps he's used over the last few weeks, there are some that are worth trying. Check out the chart and gallery in the third-party apps section at the bottom of the page to get a glimpse of those.

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Meanwhile, since Apple does have access to the full capabilities of Apple Watch, its apps are much more polished and useful. Check those out right below.

There are a number of apps that will come with the Apple Watch that help you connect with your iPhone's core functions like Messages, Maps, Calendar and even Siri. They all run extremely smoothly, as expected.


ActivityThree rings show how long you've moved, exercised and stood.
AlarmManage, edit and label multiple alarms from your wrist.
CalendarSee what's next in your day or month. See reminders for meetings and events.
MailAs well as reading email, you can flag it, mark it as read, or delete.
MapsSee your current location and get directions with turn-by-turn navigation.
MessagesDictate or record replies and send animated emoji.
MusicControl the music on your iPhone without taking it out of your pocket.
PassbookStore your boarding passes, tickets, loyalty cards and more.
PhoneUse the microphone to talk, or transfer to your iPhone, or mute.
PhotosKeep your favorite photos on your watch for convenient viewing.
RemoteNavigate Apple TV and control the iTunes library on your desktop PC or Mac.
Remote CameraUse your Apple Watch as the viewfinder to take a shot from your iPhone.
SettingsEnable or disable Airplane mode, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb.
SiriSay, 'Hey Siri,' then ask a question, just like on your phone.
StocksSee the price of the stocks you watch at a glance.
StopwatchTrack your lap times with digital, analog and hybrid views.
TimerSet a timer for cooking and other things with a visual countdown graphic.
WeatherCheck the weather where you are or for any location around the world.
WorkoutTrack your workout, your heart rate and more.
World ClockCheck the time in different cities around the globe.

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Third-party apps worth trying right now

Third-party apps don't run as smoothly as the Apple-made ones included on the Apple Watch. But there are several that are still useful when you just want a quick glance at the latest information

TwitterTwitterCheck your feed, post a tweet and reply to tweets.
StarbucksStarbucksUse a QR code to pay with your account from your watch.
1PasswordAgileBitsKeep your stored account passwords on your watch for easy access.
CitibankCitibankTrack your bank accounts from your watch.
MLB At BatMLBGet the latest baseball scores and basic stat info to follow the games of your choice.
TV GuideCBSSee trending shows that you can watch tonight.
EvernoteEvernoteScan your notes and even add new ones using dictation on your watch.
NYTimesNYTimesSwipe through headlines from your wrist, but you'll need a subscription.
TheConvertedIdeon ASQuick access to favorite conversions and perform any conversion simply by talking to your Apple Watch.
TheScoreTheScoreIf you want more than baseball, this app will give you the latest updates on your wrist.
YelpYelpFind the best restaurants and other services around you with only a few taps.
TripAdvisorTripAdvisorPlan and enjoy your perfect trip with over 150 million reviews and opinions by travelers.
ElevateElevateTry a brain-training program designed to improve focus, speaking abilities and more.
PandoraPandora MediaFind out the song playing, or give thumbs up to the song you're listening to.
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Apple Watch
THE BOTTOM LINE: The Apple Watch is the most ambitious, well-constructed smartwatch ever seen, but first-gen shortfalls make it feel more like a fashionable toy than a necessary tool. That may change with a big software update later this year, though.

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